Sandra "Sandy" J. Carroll

Sandy Carroll

My Contact Information: Phone

  • 1 413.822.2544 Mobile
  • 1 413.442.8049 Office


  • Berkshire County Board of REALTORS
  • 99 West Street, Suite 200
  • Pittsfield, MA 01201



  • sandy@berkshirerealtors.org


About Me:  Grey matter matters, and every day of mine must contain laughter.  I especially love little moments of anticipation – When the lights lower in a theater…making coffee in prep for the Sunday crossword…planning for a trip… cooking a new dish… the downloading iPad app bar as it inches forward… stuff like that.  I worship those with quick, funny minds: Dan Piraro, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Jon Stewart, The Onion writers, etc … then again, maybe it’s simpler to say that I am a fan of sarcasm.  I’m the youngest of 7 kids (no I’m not spoiled) and was born & live in the beautiful, cultural Berkshire hills.

About My Work: My job is to make Berkshire real estate agent’s business life easier, more informed and more productive. The rest of what I do ‘behind the scenes’ is geared to making the professional association relevant today and tomorrow.  I set out to lead an organization that responds to our members business needs regardless of the environment – whether it is a difficult market, emerging technology demands, or changing business models.  We know that there will always be professional, educated, caring, ethical real estate agents that will be successful despite the challenges, and our services always focus on that reality.   And we enforce the Code of Ethics for those that aren’t.

About My Association: So, we at the Berkshire County Board of REALTORS actually…

  • Run the Berkshire Multiple Listing Service, providing the MLS for real estate inventory in Berkshire County, MA.  And that includes verifying all data, handling tech support for 500+ members, system modifications on request and keeping our database serving consumer needs.  Seriously, if you want good market data, welcome to the BerkshireRealtors, the place where “we check it” means every day, by human, in every way.  We don’t buy whoopsie-daisy as an excuse around here.
  • Develop local real estate contracts and forms for use in our marketplace, endorsed by the Berkshire Real Estate Bar Association.   Dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s, we manage a library of over 40 contracts, addendums, client fact sheets and disclosures.
  • Create and maintain an award winning website. But, it’s really not just a website, it is our association information on steroids.  I first started the site in 1995 and committed to including all content and information we developed for print or to satisfy a member need.  That equals over 550 pages plus over 1,000 additional news items.  Thank goodness the first thing we developed after the logo was a great navigation system!
  • Reading through the news and blogs and tweets and posts and e-mails and industry trends to figure out what is most important to Berkshire Realtors for providing outstanding service to their clients.  Nowadays, it’s called curating content.  We always just called it trying to manage the unmanageable.  It’s a good thing that I’m curious, a reader… and found google reader too! (and the Pulse Reader and Instapaper Apps for iPad)
  • Need education credits to renew your real estate license?  Learn about the latest technology trends?  Wondering what’s happening in the global real estate industry? How the market is doing?  How to get a sales or brokers license?  A big part of what we do is educate – inform – empower.  We run classes, teach technology sessions and hire the best in the industry to share their insight with our members.  And now we have a banging new conference room to match our incredible schedule of education and events.
  • And there’s so much more – legal issues, legislative issues, listing marketing and syndication, client websites, trademark and copyright enforcement, lions and tigers and bears!  And if you’re not bored out of your mind so far, you can check out out little e-book “The Key to Your Success” that has a nice outline of our services in 5 super short chapters:  Association Highlights, Education and Events, Transaction Topics, Multiple Listing Service and Realtor Tools.  The book is ALWAYS UPDATED, via embedded links to current information on our web site. Enjoy your reading!
  • So, still not bored?  Glutton for punishment, you are!  Here’s my lah-di-dah work bio that only gets printed in places where people are taken far too seriously.


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